Thursday, 19 February 2009

Writing Scientific Documents Using LaTeX: Updated

I submitted a fifth edition (5/E) of `Writing Scientific Documents Using LaTeX` to CTAN yesterday (and another version today which fixes a couple of minor mistakes in the examples given).

As usual, the document and associated files can be found at:


  1. Hi Andrew. I saw a couple of typos in the doc, if you're interested:

    Section 5.2:
    The Schrodinger equation should have the minus sign on the hbar^2/2m term, not the i hbar partial psi/partial t term.

    Section 5.3:
    The 'align' example doesn't have an '&' with the '=', so they won't line up as expected. Uh, I think. (I'm at work and can't really check.)

    Good doc, though. Learned a couple of things I didn't know.

  2. I'll check out the align thing when I'm home (I'm currently on holiday).

    As for the Schrodinger equation, you're right about the usual sign convention (but consider swapping the terms round and introducing a negative potential, and you'll see that it is the same thing!) I'll change it to make it appear as expected.