Friday, 4 July 2008

Photography: Californian Poppy

A while ago, I ordered a 62mm Hoya Circular Polarising filter for my 70-300 telephoto lens. I placed the order with 7dayshop, who had a reduced price filter, but no stock! I assumed that if I placed the order sufficiently early, they were likely to get some stock and send one out before I left for Cornwall to take surf photos. Over a week later, I've heard nothing about when they're getting more stock, so I've requested they cancel my order, and gone with a seller on the Amazon marketplace, who not only has stock of the filters, but is selling the Hoya Pro1D professional filters, designed for digital SLRs and with better lens coatings, for about the same price I'd have paid for the standard filter at 7dayshop. Bonus!

In other news, I took some photos around the garden and subsequently played with a few of them in Photoshop. Since I haven't posted a photo on this blog in a while, here's a sample:

(As usual, click the image for a larger version, scaled 50% from the original)

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