Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Filter Ring Step Adapters

This morning I was running round Nottingham trying to find somewhere that sold filter ring adapters; these are devices which attach to the filter thread of a camera lens and provide another filter thread of a different size, allowing you to use smaller or larger filters than the lens ordinarily permits.

In my case, I wanted to be able to use my 62mm circular polarising filter on my 58mm thread lens, so I needed a 58-62mm step-up ring. This proved impossible to find. Jacobs had some adapters, but most were step-down (which surely would obscure part of the lens and thus be of very little use at all). The few step-up adapters they did have were the wrong sizes, so I moved on to London Camera Exchange, who informed me they did not keep adapters in stock, but could order them in.

Onwards to Jessops, who also do not stock them. It was here, however, that I received the most useful response; that a company called SRB, based in Luton, produced every kind of adapter imaginable, and took online orders!

So, after returning home, I Googled SRB Luton, and found the most useful photographic adapter producer in the world: They stock step-up and step-down ring adapters as well as a whole range of other more exotic things; adapters to make a macro lens out of two lenses, adapters for telescopes and microscopes... the list is almost endless.

I placed my order this afternoon, selecting 1st class delivery. Hopefully the adapter should arrive soon, and I can certainly recommend the website if you're looking for an adapter. In fact, if they don't have what you need, you can ask them to quote you a price for making it! It really doesn't get any better.

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