Thursday, 3 January 2008

Removing the author and date items from LaTeX titles

The template required for my interim project report uses a header on page 1 to provide name and date information, making those elements of the title which LaTeX usually generates with the \maketitle command redundant. Unfortunately, if you leave them blank, the space for them is still there (rather, the padding around the elements is still there). The code below, inserted into the preamble of a document using article.sty, redefines the \maketitle behaviour by changing the internal \@maketitle variant.

% Remove the author and date fields and the space associated with them
% from the definition of maketitle!
\vskip 2em%
{\LARGE \@title \par}%
\par} \makeatother

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

A Bridge in Coventry

Dan linked me to a photo of a pint of beer, supposedly in Coventry. The site was basically somewhere that people can submit photos of their local area, and someone had submitted a photo of the bridge which spans the car park and railway by the Central Six retail park. I remembered that when I lived near there, last year, I'd gone out one morning in the summer just as it was starting to get light, and had taken photos of that bridge, and Coventry in the first light of the morning. Here's my photo, contrast improved slightly through the power of Photoshop!

Okay, so my photo isn't quite as good, but it was before I got the EOS 400D, and I didn't have such rare conditions to photograph in (since I probably wouldn't have gone out in the mist!)

Railway Bridge

This bridge is on the High Peak trail, between Black Rocks and Middleton Top. The path running under it used to be a railway, and there's a restored steam engine which was used to pull trains filled with coal up the Middleton incline... apparently.

It was getting dark when I took this photo, so I stuck the camera on a fence post and went for a fairly long exposure. I think it was around half a second. Subsequent playing in Photoshop lightened and enhanced it a bit more, then I cropped it to focus more on the bridge, and less on the fence, although I do like how the fence now leads the eye towards the bridge. Maybe fence posts aren't so bad after all!